Applied Physics

Session 1

In this session we defined velocity and acceleration. Also Calculated velcity and acceleration. Then explained the relationship between gravity and acceleration.

Session 2

In this session we defined the relationships among frequency, pitch, amplitude, and loudness. Also experimented with different sound waves. Then listen the steps necessary for you to hear sound.

Session 3

In this session we defined the term hypothesis. Also made a hypothesis about how different materials expand as heat is applied. Then we tested our hypothesis.

Session 4

In this session we listed the steps of the scientific method. Also we differentiated between an insulator and conductor. Then we conducted experiments to measure a materials ability to conduct or insulate heat.

Session 5

In this session we verbalized how tinting sunglasses filters light. Also discovered how light waves travel. Then determined which color filters block the most and least amount of light.

Session 6

In this session we described the characteristics of laser light that make it different from ordinary light. Also we learned how to use a laser with proper care. Then experimented with laser light.

Session 7

In this session we used and we were shown how to use proper car of a laser. Also we transferred sound waves through a laser beam. Then we used a beam splitter and mirrors to direct the laser beam.

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