The Haunted Hotel

By Noah Bowe and Madison Rogers

The Call to Adventure

The call to adventure is when Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are reading the newspaper and see that there is a ghost haunting the nearby Shangri-la hotel and decide to investigate.

Supernatural Aid

There was no supernatural aid

Crossing Threshold

The crossing of the threshold takes place when the kids leave their house and walk to the hotel.

Belly of the Whale

They see the ghost come out of the elevator while they're in the closet.

Road of Trials

  1. Find white hair after the ghost left
  2. Convince Livvy to let them into room 301 to find more clues
  3. Interrogate Mr. and Mrs. Jeffers

Allies: Mr. Linkletter, Livvy, Mr. and Mrs. Spivets.

Enemies: Ghost, Eatch, Rail, Roock

Temptress Goddess, Atonement with Father

There is no temptress or atonement with father

Supreme Ordeal

Finding out who the ghost is in time to save the hotel from being closed. This does not force the hero to change.

Ultimate Boon

The kids bring home a thank you letter, three passes to Disney World with plane tickets, and three 50 dollar bills.

Magic Flight

The return home is not shown.

Crossing Return Threshold

This is also not shown.

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