What's so great about Tackk?

Let me show you.

Tackk is the newest format to
creatively share anything on the web.

Tackk allows you to customize and edit your message the moment you visit the homepage. Simply click and start typing. There is no login required. It's just like tacking a flyer to a telephone pole... a flyer that also allows you to show video, swap out photos, exchange money and reach out to anyone online.

You can Tackk about that bike you have for sale. Tackk about an event. Tackk about your band's upcoming gig. Tackk about your family vacation. Tackk about anything! You control the look and feel of your Tackk, who to share it with, and even how long it lives.  

Tackk is extremely easy to use. You can create any kind of online communication quickly and beautifully. For example, say you want to show off some new video of your talking dogs. Simply click the "Add More Stuff" plus sign button in the right margin and paste in a link from YouTube.

Maybe you'd like people to vote on your awesome talking dogs. Click on the plus sign button to add a button.

Perhaps you'd like people to contact you to arrange play dates with your awesome talking dog.  You can do that, and also easily add features like maps or comment sections. You could even arrange to collect donations to send the awesome talking dogs to grammar school. Or, if the dogs start talking way too much, you could sell them to the circus and get paid online.


Once you've completed your Tackk, you can click on any of the share icons to spread the word. Others that see your Tackk can do the same. If you don't like your Tackk's background, text, or photos, you can edit on the fly using Tackk's simple menu options. If you choose to set up a free account with Tackk, you can even customize your Tackk's URL and see all of your Tackk's in your own private gallery, where you can then modify, re-use, re-share, or re-tag later on.

Do you see the little Create Tackk button in the upper right corner of your screen? When you're done here, just click it and start Tackking.

OK! Now Let's Set Up That Play Date for Talking Dogs!