Q: Why was Jerusalem important to your group?

A: Not only was it important because it has been there since the empire had started, but Jerusalem was considered the Holy Land in the whole Christian group. They had wanted to contain the Christian existence since most of the Byzantine were Christians

Q: Cause of the crusades?

A: There was war between Christians and Moslems, which had centered the city of Jerusalem and also the Holy places of Palestine. The war had held a Holy significance to the Christian religion. Another reason that had caused the crusades was how; the Crusaders retook the ancient city of Nicaea. This had made the Byzantine emperor move quickly troops to prevent the Crusaders from looting it.

Q: Impact of the crusades?

A: The first crusade was the most successful from a military point of view. But the fourth crusade it was wreaked violence on other Christians. The crusades had weakened the Byzantine Empire. Since they were weakened and were recovering, they were encouraging the Turks to invade the Balkans to protect themselves from rival Europeans.

Q: How did they view other groups?

A: They hated the Franks because they had taken a oath to the emperor but there was one who had the boldness to sit down upon the thrown.

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