French Exploration to the New World Proposal
By Esha Sharma

King Henry IV. Web. 27 Oct. 2014.  

The Era of King Henry...

In France, King Henry IV ruled some of the lands of Europe alongside his Queen, Marie de'Medicini. King Henry was vary greedy for land, power, and wealth. So he sent Francisco Coronado to go explore and inherit the New World's riches for himself. But little did he know that this journey was far more complicated than he thought it would be. For stubborn Indian Tribes awaited the first white face to cross their territory...

Trade Winds and Currents...

McCoy, Antonio M. Currents.  Web. 28 Oct. 2014.

In this picture, I will travel the Arctic trade winds form the coast of Europe towards the Canary Current. After I board the Canary Current, I will sail into the North Equatorial Current. Next, I will sail halfway into the Gulf Stream and dock on the shore of the New World. If my crew and I happen to experience any difficulties throughout the trip, we will bring backup ships to aid us in any difficulty.  I am planning to land near this certain area because the Iroquois live in the area and can provide us with much food and shelter.

What I will uncover for France

Fur .  Web. 28 Oct. 2014.

For France, I will uncover large quantities of furs. I will open up many fur trading posts and place them alongside the New World's coast so that if stranded people, savages, and other explorers can trade with us. I will also find some gold and silver as well. I will trade with the people that are native to the land (American Indians) and give them our products. After we trade, I will bring the items that they traded us and bring it back to France. Once there, we can trade these goods amongst other countries to gain wealth. I will also bring back many specimens and eggs so that we have some new tastes of food in our country.

What other countries are searching for...

Gold.  Web. 28 Oct. 2014.

All the other countries are absolutely crazed about gold and silver. But not us. We will aim for a wide variety of goods. Because we are not only going there for wealth, we are going there for land, new opportunities, and spreading the word of Christianity. Spain is looking for gold, and the Seven Cities of Gold, spices and silk. England wants gold silver, and precious gemstones. But we will gain more from this because we are aiming for a larger variety of goods. We are going to befriend the Indians who live there and make them our own.

Making it happen...

Water Bottles.  Web. 28 Oct. 2014.

Since my men and I will be on a ship for more than a month, we will need many resources to last us. Here is a list of the things we will need-
-30 barrels of water
- 100 oranges to protect people from scurvy
-70 loafs of bread
-80 chickens
-60 pairs of spare clothes
-500 men
Altogether, this will cost about 5,000 dollars

Conflict with the Native Americans

With the Native people, I will try to bond a close relationship with them while also coaxing them to let us share their resources and land. If they break out in hostility, we will try to explain to them with words. But if they still don’t agree, then we will take drastic measurements and break out in war. After the war, we will again ask them to cooperate with us. We will even offer trade with them. But if they still don’t agree, we will take them with us to France and present them to the King and Queen. I expect to encounter problems with the Native Americans, food and hydration problems, settlement problems, and problems at sea. I will overcome these obstacles by talking and adapting to the natives’ ways, bringing many crates of food and barrels of fresh water. We will also try to trade with the Indians to help solve our food and drinking problems. We will fell lots of trees and build many log cabins and houses. We will build a fort and defend ourselves against savages and animals. We will repel mosquitoes by placing raw meat along the borders of the fort. And we will solve problems at sea by bringing many lookout men to spot land and determine the direction of the wind.

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