Clarence Thomas

By: Hunter Freeman and Bryce Roberts

Education- Holy Cross College, Immaculate Conception Abbey, Yale University

Career Background- Catholic Priest, Worked as an assistant to Missouri Attorney General John Danforth after earning his degree. After several years as a lawyer for the agricultural giant Mansanto, he later moved to Washington where he eventually received several appointments from President Ronald Reagan. His most prominent post was as the chair of the EEOC

Years of Public Service- Worked for the EEOC in 1982, In 1991 President George H.W. Bush tapped Thomas to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Thorgood Marshall. Supreme Court Justice for 23 years now.

Religious Background- Catholic, originally wanted to be a catholic priest but after hearing someone in his seminary making fun of Martin Luther King Jr. he left and moved north.

Political Orientation-Republican (conservative)

Judicial Ideology (Jurisprudence)-leans conservative

Significant Cases- United States v. Lopez, United States v. Morrison, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, Foucha v. Louisiana, United States v. Comstock,

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