Individual and society are directly associated. The society justly is the fruit of the relation among the individuals who form it. The social relations, not just between people, but also in institutions (family, school, religion, politics, economy and media) shape the society. Everything that we do and how we do it, how we relate with each other, is what builds our society. That is well visible in the electoral process, when most of the population choose a candidate, and this candidate is elected. Even when we don’t appreciate the choice, it is a reflection of society and values. On the other hand, society controls the individual actions. An individual’s actions are his/her choice. However, such choices exist within the limitations that society imposes. Thus, the individual learns how to follow the rules because if the individual transcends the limits, he/she’ll be punished. For example, if people drive their cars faster than allowed, they’ll receive a fine. Knowing this, we realize that as much as we influence our society, society also influences us. In other words, we are interdependent.