Transforming and Transferring Energy

By: Angeles Diaz

" Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability of climbing a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid. " - Albert Einstein

Potential and Kinetic Energy

When he's at the top, it's potential energy, right in the center it's all kinetic. In between it's turning into the other.

Potential Energy is stored energy while Kinetic Energy is energy in motion.

Potential = mass x grams x height          Kinetic    = 1/2 mass x velocity^2

Mrs. G. Chen,  that's what it's all about.

The Seven types of Energies.


Mechanical energy is kinetic energy that an object has because of its motion and Potential energy because of an object’s position. Like of a man up high or of a bat hitting the ball(or bomb XP). An example of Electric to mechanical would be a magnet and/or motor.

Radiant Energy

Is kinetic energy from electromagnetic radiation.

"Look at all this stuff you can't see." (waves)

Sound Energy

Kinetic energy that exists through the vibrating wave through a substance. It is the energy produced by sound vibrations as they travel through air, water, or any other space. An example of transferring energy is Mechanical to sound like any instrument,  or sound waves to speakers.

Gravitational energy

Stored energy that an object has because of its position above a surface.

Chemical Energy

This is stored energy in the chemical bonds of molecules. This candle has chemical energy. An example of Chemical to light would be wood burning, a match lighting,  ceiling fan, and more.

Heat Energy

Kinetic energy from the movement of particles of a substance.An example of transferring and transforming energy could be Nuclear to heat like nuclear reactors, power plants, and nuclear bombs.

Electrical Energy

Kinetic energy that comes from the movement of electrons through stuff. Like the current through the cords to the minion. An example of Heat to electricity is Natural gas, ocean thermal, geothermal,and more. Or an example of sound to electrical is a microphone.

Nuclear Energy

Stored energy in the chemical bonds of molecules.

Transforming and Transferring Energy

The wire on the left has a negative charge, when the switch switches it transfers it to the other wire to the light bulb. Both charges run to the light bulb transforming into light.