Best Cradle Site Debuts

Adjustable Version of Prenatal Cradle Gets Own Site to Help Distinguish from Predecessor

New Website to Help Distinguish Prenatal Cradle from Best Cradle

The Prenatal Cradle, to anyone not already familiar, is widely considered to be one of if not the world's premiere maternity support undergarment. The patented, award-winning maternity belt was designed in such a way as to provide support to a woman's entire body, helping to relieve abdominal straining, back pain, shoulder pain, foot and ankle swelling and just about any other type of pain associated with pregnancy short of hemorrhoid pain (sorry ladies, you'll have to get some Prep-H for that.

Since its debut, the product has taken the market by storm, quickly establishing itself as the Alpha Dog within the world of maternity belts and supports. There was but a single downside to the original Prenatal Cradle, and that was an unfortunate but inevitable side-effect resulting from the Law of Unintended Consequences.

In attempting to create a pregnancy support that would fit virtually every woman regardless of height, weight, shape or size, It's You Babe, the Michigan-based company whose co-founder and co-owner designed the original Prenatal Cradle, created a product with so many different size options that many women who either didn't take the time to weigh themselves or had a self-image that was simply not consistent with reality tended to choose a size that was either too small or would become too small shortly after purchase as their baby bump grew larger. Since this is an undergarment, for hygienic reasons companies cannot exchange these for a different size once it has been worn.

The solution was to introduce a redesigned product that would compliment - not replace - the original, one that had a wide range of adjustability and came in just a few, highly-customizable sizes. The result of these efforts came to be known as the "Best Cradle", sometimes referred to as the "Adjustable Prenatal Cradle".

Just as the original version saw its own website launch to help better educate consumers about the product (, while over two years have passed since the Best Cradle made its marketplace debut, it too is now finally getting a site of its own to help clarify the differences between the two and distinguish each from one another in an effort to better inform consumers so as to help them make the most educate and informed purchase decision possible in terms of which product (and in which size) is ideal for their individual needs.

Adjustable Version of Prenatal Cradle Gets Own Site to Help Distinguish from Predecessor

With the recent launch of, each product now has a site devoted entirely to educating consumers about that particular product, with the hope being that retailers such as EGAN Medical, the online venue where consumers can purchase both the original and new-and-improved versions of the world's premiere pregnancy supporter will receive substantially fewer exchange requests from customers who will ultimately be disappointed to learn that for sanitary reasons undergarments that have been worn cannot be resold and thus, cannot be exchanged.

While there will always be those who outgrow the size originally purchased and attempt to bully, threaten, harass and intimidate the company that sold them the product to replace it with a larger one (of course entirely at the business' expense), the hope is that the number of unnecessary such situations involving honest, well-intentioned customers who simply bought the wrong product or size because she simply didn't know enough to make an informed decision will be reduced to a minimum, which should translate in to substantially less pain throughout the courses of thousands of women's pregnancies each and every year. That would be a winning proposition for everyone involved.

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I'm looking forward to seeing the site completely developed and as a finished product!