Where Does Stephen King Get Ideas For His Horror Movies/Books?

       Stephen King is a very popular author. His books are very well known. A lot of people love his books, but they wonder, "What gives him such ideas for his books?" If you have not read or heard about his books, just know they are very scary and gruesome. People have made movies for his books. Stephen got his ideas for his books from personal experiences. Some of his books are from ideas from his dreams. He said a lot of his ideas come from dreams he has had. One example is that when he wrote his first novel, Carrie, he was a high school teacher and he wrote the book based on how he saw unpopular girls being treated. I thought this was interesting.

Some authors and movie writers get ideas for movies and books from other books or movies they have seen/read. For a few of his books, Stephen got ideas from reading other horror books to spark is imagination for his books. For example, movies that say they are "based on a true story" are from personal experiences. But they may not be based off of the author's life, it could be about someone that the author interviewed. But for Stephen King, his movies and books that are based off of true stories are from his personal experiences. I think that Stephen's movies and books are interesting because most of them are based on a true story. Also, I think all his movies that are based on a true story are all from his experience. I think it is interesting that Stephen gets ideas for his movies and books from his dreams. I have never heard of an author that has done that before.

  Here are some of his movies: It, The Shining, A Good Marriage, The Mist, Stand By Me, The Green Mile, Carrie, Creepshow, and many more. All of Stephen King's movies are horror movies. Most of his movies were made sometime in the 1900's.

Below is a picture of Stephen King.