The biggest hike of the world

After all I would mean that I spent very beautiful holidays with you all. So, I'm going to speak about the hike. At the first time I'm going to speak some the hours when we spent in the bus to go there. We saw a very beautiful landscapes there. Later, we went visited a museum and we visited the place (a cemetery funny visit). Later the visit, we ate in front of a magnificent lake with one seen that we cannot forget. We began the hike when it began raining. So we return into the bus but some pupils and teachers are to go to make the hike (without preventing us really. Thus gone into the bus we waited the teachers and pupils whereas we watching at a movie). Even if they made the hike without us, we spent all the same time and a very beautiful holidays. My best moment for me is the beach because we saw everybody and we laughed well. Really one thousand thank you for these very beautiful holidays.

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