Airport in Toronto

Each moment you can be surprised. In the last day of my trip to Toronto, my friends and I were talking to waiting for the next airplane because our fly was canceled. Suddenly, I saw a woman. I immediately said look at that woman: she is an actress of Hollywood. My friends said: no way! They asked me which movie she has participated, but at the moment I didn't remember. I searched on Internet, and showed them her picture. Over again one said: now I’m sure she is not famous; you are making a mistake! Look at this picture in a movie and now look at her it’s completely different, but I insisted: now is still her I think you are confused because on movies she uses make up and now her hair is different. They disagreed. After that, she moved and I had not been seen her for a while. We moved to stay near of departure gate. Again we were talking when I saw her once again. This way I tried to convince my friends that she is a famous actress from Hollywood. One said: why a famous actress would be waiting an airplane in Porter Airlines which doesn't have first class. I said: rich people like to save money too. Even though I explained that shape of her face was the same, only one friend agreed with me this time saying: It is her I’m sure. So we decided asking her. We passed to her; however, she was talking to a girl. But when we went back she was alone. Then we decided that was the right time. We asked her and guess: I was always right she is Michelle Monaghan, an famous actress from Hollywood that participated some movies such as Mission Impossible III, Machine Gun Preacher, Eagle Eye, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Made of Honor. My friends who before not believing in me, changing their opinions and also took a picture with her. Here is the photo proving my history.

Below is some of her movies.