Alexander Scharf - Art Collector

Alexander Scharf is a longtime businessman who lives and works in New York City. He is a lifelong resident of New York's Upper West Side.

But Alexander Scharf is also an avid art collector who believes that in order to build a truly first-rate art collection, new collectors have to master two basic skills. And it's one of those things, he says, that is easier said than done.

The first skill any new art collector must master, says Alexander Scharf, is the ability to research, evaluate, and buy a work of art that he or she finds attractive. And the second skill is being able to choose each work in a way that forms a significant grouping with the rest of the art in the collectors new but growing collection.

That second skill is truly the tricky part, says Alexander Scharf. He believes that most new collectors know how to buy art one piece at a time. It's making those acquisitions over the long haul, and building them into a cohesive whole – a collection, in other words – that is almost an art in and of itself.

And that is why great art collectors are almost as well known and respected as the pieces of art that they collect. Each individual work of art in a first-rate collection, Alexander Scharf believes, commands the attention of art lovers not only because it's a great work of art, but because it part of a larger and more beautiful whole.

So the trick, says Alexander Scharf, is honing the ability to separate specific works of art from millions of other existing pieces, and grouping them in a way that increases or enhances the viewers' understanding of that particular art, or of its place in the development and progress of art in general.

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