narrative Howard-6, november4, 2013

Clair with blue eyes the color of the sea,
Clair of the brown hair and freckles,
Clair whose face no one knows,
is a girl is crazy as a nut.

Runs as fast as lightning, deceiving to the eye,
works hard to get good grades,
crashes into people in the hallway,
drinks Gatorade instead of soda,
wears only a hoodie and jeans to school.

Clair gets to school ten minutes before seven fifty,
jumps out of bed in the morning,
rushes out the door after every body else,
because like everyday, doesn't wake up early enough.

Clair inside, the mind thinks nothing,
inside the heart knows everybody,
inside that eighty pound girl,
is a girl who accepted Christ into her heart.

Reads gods word and cherishes it,
prays for her enimes and friends,
sings in praise for the holy spirit,
fiddles with a pen while listening to the sermon,
goes to all church activities and takes something from it.

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