AFM Surveys

Candy Survey, Lunch Money Survey; Mrs. Jenkins, December 19, 2013

We did surveys in AFM. The survey I chose to come up with is what your favorite flavor of candy is. The answer choices were Snickers, Reese's, Butterfingers, Twix or Invalid which is either a non response or someone who said that none of the above was their favorite. The winning candy was Snickers with 38 votes. This is a frequency table representing that data.

The least being Butterfingers with only 10 votes. I surveyed about 111 students with the candy survey. We also had to make a histogram for the data which is shown below.

Then we had to choose a survey and the one I chose was how much money do you bring for lunch.

The table has a range from bringing no money to lunch to five dollars; invalid is a response that wasn't qualitative. Most people brought 2 dollars for lunch everyday with 24 votes will no one brings 5 dollars to lunch everyday. I surveyed about 82 people with the lunch money survey. The last histogram is shown below

The picture below is a box and whisker plot which shows what the minimum number, the max number, Q1, Q2 and the median of the data from the Lunch Money survey

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