Symbol: N
Atomic Number:  14.01
Atomic Mass: 7

Cost of Material: For a pound of nitrogen it cost $00.48

Slogan: Five electrons in its outer shell, elemental nitrogen sure is swell!

Common Use: The element is used in many different ways, from filling up paintball tanks to making pharmaceutical drugs the element nitrogen is useful in everyday life. For example when we go to the dentist and we have a cavity, we use a form of nitrogen called anesthetic to num the pain. Without this getting a filling would be even more painful then what it should be. Another huge example of the uses of nitrogen is when we take X-rays.  The world wouldn't be the same with out x-rays because they help us determine if you need a cast or if your not hurt.

Interesting Facts: Nitrogen is odorless, tasteless, and colorless! nitrogen makes up 78.1% of volume of the earths air. Nitrogen is a non metal! French chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier named nitrogen azote, meaning without life.

who discovered nitrogen: Daniel Rutherford discovered nitrogen in 1772

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