How Is Our Government Doing?

Alan Wallace

Obamas ask educators to help poor students

This article is an example of promoting general welfare.

In this article "President Obama praised university presidents and other leaders Thursday for helping more low income students attend college, and urged them to keep at it." The President encouraging teachers to help low income students is promoting general welfare because your education is a big part of your mental health.

This extends on Obama's plans for extending education. "We want to make sure more young people have the chance to earn a higher education," Obama told a White House summit of educators. He is a big part of the government and him caring about education shows the government is doing well with this part of general welfare.

2 students shot inside Philadelphia high school

This article is an example of the government not being able to insure domestic tranquility. "Two students were shot and wounded by a classmate Friday afternoon inside a Philadelphia high school". I know that you have the right to bear arms, but when virtually any adult (excluding the mentally ill) can get one there will be problems. One of these problems is there children getting a hold of them.

The government's gun laws are not very strict getting a gun is quite easy. This doesn't provide domestic tranquility.

U.S. court: Utah gay marriages can continue

This article is an example of the U.S. doing well with getting rid of unjust laws.

"Same-sex marriages can continue in Utah, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday." The federal government not only in Utah has decided to recognize gay rights such as marriage. This law is unjust because not letting same sex couples get married is just as unjust as not allowing a "traditional" couple get married. "So far, about 700 same-sex couples have received marriage licences, most around Salt Lake City."