The Wishing Mountain
By: Lyba Khawar


        Mrs.Higglebottom was a very poor lady.A very,very poor lady.She almost had no food,no water,and one pair of wide trousers and a torn up gown!

         To earn money,Mrs.Higglebottom read to two kids,Dicky and Dawn.One day,she found a book lying around in her cottage.She was surprised.After all,she didn’t even have a penny.How did she even survive? Anyway,she decided that she would read the book to Dicky and Dawn.

         “We’re here! We’re here!"they yelled,super excited.

          “Come on in kids! I have a surprise for you! I’m going to read you a new book!” she said,sitting down in her rocking chair. “Once upon a time…”

             When she was done and the kids had left,she decided to work in her garden.She passed through the kitchen but suddenly came to a halt.She saw something glowing behind the curtains.She had never noticed that before.She decided to take a look.With a very surprised look on her face,Mrs.Higglebottom realized that she was staring at a magic portal.She slipped and fell into it!

              “Holy cow!” she yelled. “Didn’t see that one coming! Weeeeeee!”

                She realized that she was in a golden area.She looked down.

               “Whoa! That is a long way down!”

                 Suddenly,she heard a manly,low voice.

               “You are on The Wishing Mountain.You may make one wish.But remember,you have to be very careful with what you ask for.”

               “What’s that supposed to mean?”

                But Mrs.Higglebottom heard nothing in response.

               “Well,I guess I’ll just make a wish and see what happens.”Mrs Higglebottom said with a sigh.

                 She thought and thought about what she should ask for.I mean,wasn’t it kind of obvious?

               “Got it! I wish that I was super rich!” she said excitedly

                 But that wasn’t careful enough.Mrs.Higglebottom wasn’t specific at all.

                 Suddenly,she heard a loud noise.She turned around and noticed a enormous black hole in the middle of nowhere.

               “Was that there before?” she questioned

                She got closer to see what was inside the hole.She slipped on sand and fell into the hole and Mrs.Higglebottom was never to be seen or heard from ever again...

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