Louis Armstrong was born August 4,1901 in New Orleans , Louisiana. Armstrong is known best for his daring trumpet styles and unique vocals. Armstrong wasn't exactly raised by his own parents ;he was raised mostly by his grandparents and believe it or not Armstrong's mother was a prostitute and so he was with his grandparents and soon he was living in a home meant for orphans,even though he wasn't really an orphan in a way he was now that you think about it ,but this never stopped him from achieving his dream. On New Year's Eve in 1912  Armstrong fired his stepfather's gun in the air during a celebration and was arrested on the spot immediately.In 1914 the home released him and he began dreaming of a life making  music.

In 1918 he married Daisy Parker,a prostitute?!During this time , Armstrong adopted a three year old boy named Clarence.The boy's mother, Armstrong's cousin, died during child birth. Armstrong soon divorced and began prefored at parties,dances,funeral marches ,and bars. Armstrong made his first recordings with Oliver on April 5,1923. Armstrong soon began dating the female pianist in the band , Lillian Hardin. Armstrong married her in 1924 and  after that Hardin made it clear that she felt Oliver was holding him back and soon he began going to tons of different places around the U.S. Three words that I would use to describe Louis Armstrong are adventurous , brave , determined . The reason I chose those words is because it's brave to both travel around the U.S. ; adventurous because he's going around the U.S. instead of staying in just one place ; determined because he didn't let anything stop him from achieving his dream! Especially, his past ,he didn't give up no matter what happened in his life he didn't let it stop him.

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