Animal Cruelty

10 Shocking Facts About Animal Cruelty


          In the article "10 Shocking Facts About Animal Cruelty" I learned that pet animals are commonly are abused through abandonment and neglcet. I also learned that keeping animals chained up is the most cruel form of violence on a scocial animals. Anothe rthing that I learned is that a lot of dogs get kept in small spaces denying them of their natural habitat and freedom.

Six States Sue California Over Its Ban Of Eggs From Chickens In Tight Spaces


          In the article “Six States Sue California Over Its Ban Of Eggs From Chickens In Tight Cages” I learned that hens are kept in small cages called battery cages. They only give the hens 67 square inches of floor space. California's law says that the hens must be able to move around freely and not be cramped in battery cages. Some states are following California’s example but they are confused. Some farmers are wanting to follow California but they don’t know what size of cage is okay. All they know is that battery cages are not okay.


I chose this topic because I love animals and I think that all should be treated fairly. I think that animal cruelty is wrong and very mean. I mean if we were one of the animals we would not want to be abused or anything like that, right? They have feelings to and just like us they do not like to get their feelings hurt. Sometimes people abuse them or treat them cruelty because they are weak. That is just not right. So I hope you take stand and report any animal cruelty you see. If it is you who treat animals cruelty then you better stop!

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your article is amazing & it made me cry a little