Callie Chester S&E Marketing Final

Evaluate a Movie Poster

I think that this is an effective movie poster. It definitely does a good job drawing attention to it; it is mainly a large, shocking image. It also has bold text and uses bright, glowing text that gets you to look at it. It does a good job at giving you a general idea about what the movie is about but not giving away too much. It tells you the movie is about alien encounters and abductions, but nothing else. It shows part of what looks like a climatic scene in the movie but it does not give anything away. I also think it does a good job at making people want to see the movie. It makes you want to know what is going on in the picture on the poster, and see what they mean when they say "alien encounters" and that they are based on the actual case studies.

Reaction to Articfact

I definitely think that 30 Seconds to Mars got stuck in an extremely unfair deal with their record label. The record label obviously works hard to promote the album and deserve a cut of profits brought in by artists, but they take way too much. The artists are the ones working hard to create and produce albums, and should be the ones walking away with a bigger cut. I think that artists continue to sign with major labels because its probably the easiest, and sometimes only, way to get their music out there to the public. The labels will typically give the artists a big sum of money up front, which sounds good to the artist, and say they will do a lot to promote the artist and their music, so sometimes it causes them to over look the unfairness of the deal. I think new artists have probably heard some of the stories of other artists' problems with their record labels, but I think that the label's convince and persuade new artists to believe otherwise.

Building a Musical Career without any help from a label

The most important thing I think an artist needs to remember when building a career without the help of a label is that they may not reach the same level of popularity and exposure as an artist being promoted by a label. It will most likely take them much longer to do so. The exposure the artist will get will most likely be just around the area in which they live. They can use websites such as soundcloud and youtube to post their music, and use social media to share and spread it. If an artist is creating good music, they will be able to start building a fan base. When they publish their music, then share it on social media, it will help their fan base grow. Once the fan base becomes large enough, they could even move on to performing lives shows. I think they should really focus on trying to form a relationship with fans and do as much as they can to interact with them. I think that would make fans want to support the artist much more, which could make up for the support the artist would have gotten from a record label.

Movie Merchandise

Heaven Is For Real is a movie coming out on April 16th. It is a drama based on a book of a young-boy's real life experience. In the emergency room during a near-death experience, he claims to have visited Heaven; he and his father decide to share their story.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is an animated movie coming out in June. It follows the journeys and adventures of vikings and dragons on their quest to explore new, mysterious lands.

I think that I would make sense and be a good idea to make merchandise for the movie How To Train Your Dragon 2. The movie seems to be oriented towards children, so I think that making toys related to the movie would be a good sales idea and would also do good and promoting the movie. Making stuffed animals or action figures of characters of the movie will definitely grab the attention of kids who see them at the story. If the kids saw and liked the movie, they will probably want a toy that goes a long with it. If a child hasn't seen the movie, seeing a stuffed dragon will probably grab their attention. It could make them curious what it is or what it's all about, which would make them want to go see the movie and find out more.

I don't think that creating merchandise would work as well for the movie Heaven Is For Real. I think that creating merchandise that relates to drama movies would be extremely difficult to do. Drama movies seem to be targeted more towards adults, who most likely wouldn't get as hyped up about buying things related to a movie they really liked. I think it would be particularly difficult to do for this movie because it somewhat revolves around religion, which can be controversial sometimes.

Find and Evaluate a Movie Trailer

I think that this is a really effective movie trailer. It gives you a good idea of what the movie is about: a space mission that goes wrong and leaves a woman stuck outside of her shuttle. It shows a few parts that could be considered a climax, but it really makes you want to see the movie and find out what happens next. It makes you really want to know what happens to the woman and find out if she makes it back safely. It definitely gives you a feel of what kind of movie it is: a dramatic, adventurous thriller.

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