Hue Animation Tutorial

Use Hue Animation Software to create your stop motion animation films.

Experiment with the software and make a "rough" animation before finalizing.

Step One

Open Hue Animation on the laptop.

Step Two

Configure your camera and the frame.
Make sure that you have selected the correct camera and that the image is displayed correctly.
Adjust the height of the camera using boxes, books, or blocks.

Video for Step Two.

Step Three

Move your characters and take pictures.


1.  Use the Onion Skin feature to make sure your images line up correctly between frames.

2.  Move the characters and images only slightly between each frame.

3.  Leave text and speech bubbles in for multiple frames.

4. Delete images that are mistakes or not needed.

Video for Step Three

Step Four

Adjust the frames per second to finalize your animation.

Video for Step Four


Your video will be published on You Tube.  Before publishing you must have a title for the film and a typed paragraph for the video description.  

The paragraph must include

  • The name of the original book (underlined) by Ezra Jack Keats
  • A description of the theme from the book
  • An explanation of how you used the theme in your stop motion

Once we upload the video to You Tube, we will find a background song for the animation.