República de Chile

By:Carter Erickson

Chile is known for it's destination Easter Island.

One of República de Chile's most famous places is Easter Island is known for its 887 monument statues, called Moai. Polynesian people settled on Easter Island in the first millennium CE, and created a thriving culture, as evidenced by the Moai and other artifacts.

Licancabur Lake is another famous spot in Chile. is a crater lake in Chile located in the Licancabur volcano in the Antofagasta region. It is believed to be one of the highest lakes in the world at an elevation of 5,900 m (19,400 ft).

Plaza de Armas is the heart and soul of Chile. It's the center piece of Chile. This urban design was accomplished by Pedro de Gamboa, which was appointed by Pedro de Valdivia in 1541.

This is a picture of Chile and it's neighbors.


Arrollado de Chancho - chunks of pork wrapped in pork fat smothered in red ají (chili).

Bistec a lo pobre - beefsteak, French fries, fried onions, topped with a couple of fried eggs. Are some food in Chile.


JOTE - Red wine with Cola.

LECHE CON PLÁTANO - fresh milk blended with banana.

Those are some drinks in Chile.

Level 4 this dance is called the Cueca. It is a family of musical styles. In Chile, the Cueca holds the status of national dance, where it was officially selected on September 18, 1979. Cueca styles of La Paz, Potosí.


es un buen gallo – he’s a nice guy

estar con caña – to have a hangover

agarrar pa’l (para el) hueveo – to make fun of

Basic Facts

16,601,707 is the population of Repûblica de Chile. Its capital is Santiago de Chile. Its national holiday is the 18th of September. Chile's money  is called Chilean peso's. There government system is: republic. Climate: temperate; desert in north; Mediterranean in central region; cool and damp in south. Industries: minerals, cement, foodstuffs, fish processing, iron and steel, wood and wood products, transport equipment, copper, textiles. There basic language is spanish. Argentina and Peru are by Chile.