By Isaiah Gonzales

This is what i had made in fashion design. Fashion design is the unit in which we designed our own clothes so i decided to make the colors black and gold.The symbol is the triad and it has my initials in all three triangles


Desktop publishing/pages

This is a assignment from my teacher on pages which was done for desktop publishing.The picture was for my flyer that i had made in pages about xbox one.

Another project from fashion five of the five best of my work

This is the 5th part of my best work you have just seen all 5 i made this in fashion design

Video production

This is when me and my partner went out side and recorded videos for a movie trailer it was fun sorry i do not have anything to show you at this moment but this unit was about filming and making movies/movie trailer's

This is what i had made in photoshop.Photoshop is the unit that i had changed pictures and created new ones.The picture is a white tiger with cheetah spots  put on a background of a forest.


This is the unit in which i had a partner and created a movie of moving pictures to make a video in this case the penny looks like it bounces.

Game design This is the link to the site we went to when we where in game design.

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