Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


Telephone 1876

Alexander Graham Bell

Typewriter 1868

The telephone was important because it would let people communicate without sending letters. This even impacts us today. If this machine would have never been invented our life would be very hard.

Christopher Latham Sholes

The typewriter impacted the world in many ways. It allowed it allowed messages on paper. But the printing press could do that to. The main impact is it gave women jobs.

Air Plane 1903

Orville and Wilbur Wright

The impact of the Air Plane is that it completely changed the world. This allowed fast transportation of people and cargo.

Light Bulb 1879

Thomas Edison

The light bulb was a major invention. This is very important today because we use lights for everything. For example cars, home, stores, street lights, ext. The light bulb was huge.

Dishwasher 1886

Josephine Cochrane

The dishwasher is a machine that washed dishes for you. This was a great and good idea. This machine is now used by most households.

First Hand Held Camera 1888

George Eastman

The first hand held camera allowed you to take pictures anywhere. This is even used today with portable cameras and cell phones.

Gasoline-Powered Automobile 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

This automobile was a vehicle that ran of gas. This is still used today and is very important.

Diesel Engine

Rudolf Diesel

The diesel engine is a engine that depends on diesel fuel. This engine is still used in trucks today.

Phonograph 1877

Thomas Edison

The phonograph played records. This is important because even our modern music players are based of this.

Steam Engine 1872

Elijiah McCoy

The steam engine is what all trains started using. This engine was faster than any other train engine at the time. Some of these are still used today.

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