Take Comfort in our Comfort

When I found out about this grant offered through the Central Plains Library system (formerly known as the Republican Valley Library System), I immediately thought of all the projects I already had brewing in my mind, most of which are stifled by my budget. Then I thought about all the paperwork typically required for grant applicants and started scooting my mouse pointer toward the delete button in my email. Whatever it was that was tugging me to proceed, I'm sure grateful (as are my students) that I decided to dig a little deeper.

Through a personal friend of mine, I found out about some "alternative" furniture that really attracted people's attention. Not only did I want something for our school media center that was comfy, but it HAD to be creative - as if the cool new media specialist wasn't enough to attract young readers... I have used the grant monies to purchase an over-sized bean bag for a new crash pad in the media center. The kids are quite excited about this new fixture, and I'm very pleased to see a few more readers showing up in the media center every day.

Through the grant, I could have burnt through the money with a couple new series in no time at all. Heck, I could have spent it in a variety of different ways that would benefit the media center! But I needed something that would make a connection with my kids. There has always been a reaction in me to continue the giving cycle when something like this plops onto my plate. It's through caring individuals and hard work within the RVLS that opportunities like this are possible. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity to creatively connect students to reading!

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