How Can One Person Change
The World

Hey, do you know who won the Nobel Prize in 1964? No, then I will tell you. It was Martin Luther King Jr.! OK so in this essay I will tell you about Martin Luther King Jr. I will be talking about how he was a Leader, Courageous, and Thoughtful.

OK, so let's talk about his leadership. He went to 30 times and he got 50 Degrees but he still went in with dream. Did you know that after he did his speech 900 hundred streets were named after him, and that's how of a good leader he was! He made the SCLC which stands for Southern Christian Leadership. That's one of his quality's.

We are about to talk about his second quality. It is Courageous, so let's talk about his courageous. When he was doing his speech he wasn't afraid to say what was in his heart. The way that he was courageous was he didn't use violent. Now lets talk about his final qualities.

Let's talk about his last qualities. His last qualities is Thoughtful let's talk about it. In 1968 King became the president of a group later know as Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). In 4/4/1968 Martin went to a garbage place when he went there he died there. That his final quality.

Did you learn something about Martin Luther King Jr.?We talked about his best 3 quality. Thoughtful,Leadership,Courage. I hope you liked my essay.Who would you choose in Black History Month?

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