The Case of the Missing Mississippi State Bulldog.

By: Jillian F. and Laura Brooke Y.

The Crime

A SEC football coach stole the Mississippi State bulldog, because of this, fans are getting angry and scared as a bull who has seen red. This happened at Davis Wade Stadium after the Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State game. It was either Hugh Freeze (Coach of Ole Miss), Nick Saban (coach of Alabama), Butch Jones (coach of Kentucky), or Kevin Sumlin (Coach of Texas A&M).

Who will the criminal be?

Let's find out!

The Puzziling Question

Who stole the Mississippi State Bulldog?

Meet The Detectives

Jillian- I was practicing volleyball with the MSU volleyball team and I heard my coach say that someone stole Bully, MSU's mascot. I was very curious so I went outside to look for my mom to come pick me up, when I met a twirler outside named Laura Brooke.

Laura Brooke- It was after the game when I heard that Bully went missing. I was packing my batons up and I heard it. I'm a huge fan of Mississippi state so I was upset. I decided to go find out who took him and I met a very nice volleyball player named Jillian.


Hugh Freeze- Head football Coach for Ole Miss.

The possible Motive- Ole Miss and Mississippi State are HUGE rivals.

We asked Hugh Freeze some questions about Ole Miss when he interrupted us and he said,"Oh wait, I forgot my lucky cap on the benches!" And, he ran out onto the field while we followed him behind, and he could not find his cap so he walked into the locker rooms and he came out with no hat and stomped off loudly.

Nick Saban- Head football coach for Alabama.

The possible Motive- Because they were going to play Mississippi State.

Alibi- "What? Of course I didn't steal the bulldog. I wasn't even near the stadium at that time. I was eating at Newks at 204 University Blvd. N Tuscaloosa. They have the best lobster and crab bisque soup!"

Butch Jones- Head football coach for Kentucky

The possible Motive- We stole a player from Kentucky while recruiting.

Alibi- "I was visiting my best friend in Mississippi and we went to eat at 101 N. Douglas Conner Dr. Starkville, MS 39759 at Mugshots Grill & Bar.

Kevin Sumlin- coach for Texas A&M

The possible Motive- He thinks we stole the colors for their uniforms.

Alibi- "You may have known about the stolen Mississippi State Bulldog and we were wondering if you may have had anything to do with it." Jillian asked.

"What? That's crazy! I didn't steal it. I was at home watching MSU play Ole Miss."

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