Sacagawea was born in 1788 or 1789 at the rocky mountains. Her father was a Shosshone Chief.


Sacagawea didn't go to school or collage, because when she was 12 Sacagawea got kidnapped by Hidsta Indians. So, she didn't have time for school.

Jobs and Careers

Her first job was to help Lewis and Clark on the expadition. A couple years later, she had a baby child named pomp. So, Sacagaweas job was to be a mom.


When she went on the Journey with Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea saved supplies from falling into the river. Her next accomplihment was to have a baby. Sacagaweas last accomplaishment was to help make food, with getting her own ingredients.

Later Years

Sacagawea died in 1812. We now honor Sacagawea for helping Lewis and Clark on the expedition. For what she did to help them in many, many ways, we but her on the dollar coin.