Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

We are thankful for each of you!

1. United Way campaign is underway.  Donations to this worthy cause are appreciated.  See Sabra for more details. 

2. Finding it hard to keep students engaged this time of year...  You're not the only one.  Click here for a great article...  I personally learned a lot from this one!  Great reminders!

3. Are you a math teacher looking for the best way to teach those financial literacy TEKS?  Click here for some great ideas.  

4. Feeling burnt out?  Click here for an inspiring read and some tips!

5. Thank you Amy Laird for a great Generation Texas week!  Your hard work is noticed!

6. Don't forget about PD in your pajamas through Simple K12.  Click here to go to website- your password is your CCISD email and your login is your employee id number. If you keyword search what you are desiring, you can find many, many opportunities.  Turn in what you have completed to me, for PL credit!

7. You  will receive a survey (sent by email), Friday, November 14th asking for your input on the kind of appraisal system you think would best benefit your professional growth, please take time to complete this.  Your voice truly matters.

8. Interested in sharing some of your learning and expertise with our staff on a particular topic, book study, or article study but haven't found the time on that busy calendar?  On our campus professional learning day on January 5th, we will be opening up the learning to teacher leaders willing to present on a topic.  If you are interested, please click here to complete the attached campus professional learning proposal form.  Looking forward to some awesome learning by our very best! 

9. Don't forget about the cornucopia coloring contest.  cornucopia =A great example of a poorly chosen example...  :)  So glad we can all laugh together! 

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your family and friends! Rest, relax, and rejuvenate!