The Step Before the 5...

The 4 Year Anniversary

This was my first year ever as a yearbook staffer. This scrapbook is called "The Step Before the 5", because this years book celebrated the 4th year of SVA and the first graduating class. Next year will be the 5th anniversary and we will need to 'Go B16 or Go Home'.


During this year there have been a lot of ups and downs. One up that particularly will forever remain in my mind and heart is meeting one of the best people. This beautiful young lady has changed my life for the better. She has broken down all of my walls and I don't regret letting her do that. She has become one of my best friends and one of the people that I trust with my life.  In class, she taught me that it was okay to ask for help and she taught me how to rely on other people.

Our editors Kay and Andi were quite amazing leaders. They worked as a team with each-other and with each of us staff members to better the book and ourselves. They led us to create an amazing book that everyone would love. On the reverse side of that, the drama that we had in that class was almost unbearable. I feel bad for Jay being the only guy left and having to put up with it all of the time. There was fighting over who would take pictures of what, over who wanted to do what pages; but the worst of it all was the endless complaining and whining that comes with there being 9 moody teenage girls in 1 class with only 1 guy. There were fights and rumors and tears over the year, but we always pulled through and came out stronger than we were. Through all of it, we are still a family.


This year in publishing, we experienced many triumphs. The obvious and major one is the fact that we put together an amazing yearbook. In my totally bias opinion, it was the best yearbook that SVA has ever produced.  We put our tears, sweat, and blood into the book and it turned out better than we ever could have imagined. Along with creating a fantastic book of memories we had many other triumphs. One of the big ones, was the fact that we became a big family. We were able to overcome our differences in times of hardship and be there for each-other. We supported each-other: mentally, physically, and emotionally. We were understanding with each-other and chose to overlook the mistakes that we made. Instead of criticizing and just saying what we did wrong, we critiqued and helped the each-other to understand where we went wrong, how to fix it, and how not to make the same mistake next time. We learned from each-other and the we better ourselves and everyone around us.


This year we made many problems with a variety of different things. We experienced complications with having to share the book with the middle school. They had entirely different theme in the second half of the book and it was honestly very frustrating and annoying, mainly because we weren't allowed to override their pages and fix them. We experienced very problems with the online book that we used and that was definitely a plus. We didn't lose our pages or our pictures which made life a lot easier. We overcame all of our problems and came out on top with a very successful yearbook that everyone loved.

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