The glass castle project

By Matthew Blum


Forgiveness- There are a lot of themes in this story but forgiveness is the major one, it is the major one because the family has to learn to forgive and forget especially the children of the Wall's family. Some examples are when the dad was always taking the paycheck from the mother and used it for drinking, another example is when the dad stole the kids money fund for New York and used it for himself. But in the end the kids always had to forgive him because as they said in the book the dad was the rock of the family and held them together.

Abuse- Another major theme of this story was how abuse was a role of the story. The mom was very abused by the father in the story, when the dad was drunk he went crazy. When he was driving in the desert and the mom got out of the car he tried running over here and he was chasing her all over the desert, Another example of abuse was when the dad pushed the mom out of the top window in the house in Welch they were fighting very badly and he took it to a whole new level. Finally another case of abuse is when dad gave a spanking to his daughter mountain goat.


Introduction- At the beginning of the story Jeanette is riding in a taxi on her way to a party, She then sees her mother picking through the trash can, they make eye contact but she quickly looks away avoiding any more eye contact. This brings her back to childhood memories of her life from a very young age to now.

Rising action- The rising action of the story is in chapter 2 when Jeanette is only 3 years old and she is cooking hot dogs. Her mom is not paying attention to her she is just paying attention to her painting. While she is cooking them the heat cause her dress to catch on fire! She is taken to the hospital and is being treated with severe burns. The doctors and nurses asks what she was doing, and if her mom or dad beat her.

Climax - Jeanette, Lori and Brian all move to New York and find good paying jobs and start a good new life. But then their parents and Maureen move to New York and mom moves in with Lori but eventually she gets annoyed with her and throws her out and the parents become homeless.

Falling action- The falling action involves Jeanette leaving Eric for her new husband John, Maureen leaving New York for California on a one ticket bus ride, Jeanette's dad passing away and the family reuniting at thanksgiving talking about how they missed their father.


Jeanette- Jeanette is the main character in the story of the glass castle, Jeanette is red headed, passionate, strong and a very smart girl. What motivates this person is having a better life than she is living in Welch, battle mountain etc. The baggage this character carry's is how her parents are selfish and neglectful towards her and that affects the way she thinks and acts. This character is important because she is the main character and she tells the story in the way of her life.  


Rose Mary is Rex's wife and the mother of Jeannette, Lori, Brian, and Maureen. She is an artist who loves to paint, but is also licensed as a teacher and is occasionally forced to take a teaching job when the family is struggling. What motivates this person is her art, her paintings, her portraits etc. What baggage this person has is that she never wants to have a paying job to support her family, shes very lazy and the kids often need to force her to go to work. This character is important because she is the mom of all of the kids and shes a main character. 


Rex Walls was born in Welch, WV, and later joined the Air Force to get out of Welch. During his time in the Air Force, he met his wife Rose Mary. Rex is bright and creative when not drinking, Rex loves his family but is responsible for a great deal of chaos in their lives, making them move from town to town, spending their already low money on alcohol, and disappearing for days at a time. What motivates this person is making a better life from himself and building the glass castle. this person is a major alcoholic and always provides chaos to the family. 

This was the second to last stop and they were here for a while, at first they moved in with Rex's parents which didn't last long so they bought a cheap house on little hobert street. It was a terrible house, a lot of chaos went on and the family grew apart in Welch and the kids all wanted to get away.

This is where the family moved when rosemarrys mom died, the family for the most part liked it there. The dad found a steady job for a while in a union. The kids got their own bikes for the first time ever.  

In this stop at first life was good, the dad got a job in the mine and the kids slept in cardboard boxes, there was food to eat and kids to play with life was good. Once Rex loses his jobs he spends his time drinking and doing nothing productive. The mom got a teaching job which she hated a lot.

This was a quick little live and not much went on.

This was the family's final stop in all of the city's and towns they lived in. New York was by far the best for the kids besides Maureen, Jeanette went to college and found a good job, Lori was doing good, Brian was in the police force. But mom and dad were bad they lived on the streets homeless and then they moved into a abandon warehouse and turned it into a home for homeless people. This is where the dad died and where Maureen stabbed her mom and was sent to jail. She eventually moved to California.  


1- 1. β€œI was sitting in a taxi wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a Dumpster.”

This is were the whole story started and she saw her mom homeless and she hasn't talked to her in a long time. She feels bad because shes living nice and easy while her mom is out there struggling.

2- β€œIn my mind, Dad was perfect, although he did have what Mom called a bit of a drinking situation.”

This was at the start of the book in the first couple chapters. This is important because it sets up the whole story line that states the Jeanette adores her dad but it also sets up that her dad has a drinking problem .

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