Country Profile Bangladesh

1. The country of Bangladesh

The picture below shows the country of Bangladesh. It's capital is Dhaka I with the star right beside it. it is located in Asia, below where India and the Himalayas touch. It's main transportation area is held in Chittagong which is why it's called the gate way of Bengal, because of all the transportation and trade comes from sea. The countries population is about 166,280,712.

2. Economy

•Bangladesh's economy is about a GDP per capita is $2,100.

•Bangladesh's economy type is a market economy considering that they make decisions trying to go towards wondering how to get more money out of there trade.

•One of the Industires that exports and makes its income is the garment industry which makes clothing, silk,  supplies for crops, jewelry, and just fashion and wearable items.

3. Government

•The government of Bangladesh is  a represent ice democracy, because they have people representing two different parties trying to become president.

•the leader at the moment is Abdul Hamid.

•the only person that has made a presidential full term is Sheikh Hasina Radman.

4. Literacy/language

• the people of Bangladesh don't have a very high learning ability considering that there literacy rate is only 58%. The literacy rate for adults both male and female is only 20%. Bangladeh's language is called or is Sanskrit.

5. History of Bangladesh

Bangladesh use to be part of India during the 4th kingdom BC then at the year 1204 Muslim became a big religion power and started attacking India. Which soon took over most of what today is Bangladesh. Then during 1757 Britain didn't make it much better when they start the east India trade company taking some of India's land. But then on 1971 India fought Pakistan last army down making the Pakistanians retreat back to there country. Thisay was the independence of bangladesh which then resolved threw menu revolutions and assignations on the  Bangladesh government over and over again, until Sheikh Hasina Radman a daughter of the first president. She became the president and ended the Chittagong Hill Tracts War which then becoming the first president of Bangladesh to serve a full four year term. At the momment the issue for the country is being able to export and import more money to get a higher GDP rate.

6. Tourist attractions.

1. The first big tourist attraction is Dhaka the state capital. You can explore the city looking at there culture and what restaurants they have. It is also by a river called, Buriganga which you can go on some canoe rides or boat rides. Or just watch the boats drive by.

2. The 2nd big tourist attraction is going to she the "Chittagong-the gateway to Bay of Bengal". It has good warm weather and is a huge water city to explore and go swimming and just spend a good time on the cold holidays.

3. The third biggest tourist attraction is Rangamati. Rangamati is a favorite holiday resort, because of the beauty of the lake right by it and the buildings all around. The city really shows much of Bangladesh's culture. It shows the colorful tribes that that pretty much built and handle the resort. It also you to go hiking and going on a boat going water skiing.

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