We are a Civilization

By: Cole Tichy

Religion: This is a part of a civilization because it is where people go to worship their God. People go to churches to talk about their God and the Priest explains their religion and what it is about.

Advancement in Technology: This is a advancement in technology because we learned how to make things fly in the air and use electricity. We have more modern and safer planes to protect you when you fly.

This picture of office buildings shows social structure because it tells that people go to jobs to make money to pay for things.

This shows the arts because it is a sculpture of a horse and people made it for other peoples enjoyment.

This shows a stable food supply because it shows all the food that we collect and sell to eat at home.

This shows a form of government because it tells that we make are laws and we have too follow them through.

This is part of writing because it tells what we do and it is in are language.

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