Thought after high school

Jonathan Paugh

1. I want to be a game warden whenever i get out of school. I really would love to be a game warden because I love to be in the woods and hate to see people poaching.

2. I would want to work for the west Virginia game wardens so then I don't have to go to far from my home town.

3. To be a Game Warden in west Virginia I have to Get a degree from a four-year college or university. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources prefers graduates with degrees in natural sciences, law enforcement, criminology or criminal justice. Biology, ecology, conservation and environmental science make for good complimentary course.

4. I can get my degrees from west Virginia university or Marshall. I need a four year degree to be a game warden.

5. The obstacle i will face will be getting through college with my degree and being smart enough to do things.

6. I can Study hard in school, listen to the teachers and actually try in college. That is what I will have to do to overcome the obstacles.

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