Ned Kelly

Hero, villain or victim?

Ned Kelly is not a hero and not a victim, he is a villain. He shot and killed three police men and robbed many banks. How can he be called a hero? He can't because he was never meant to be, he is an outlaw who kills, robs banks and is not a good role model.

Ned Kelly stole from two banks, he stole more than 2000 pounds. It is unknown what he did with the money but robbery is a crime. Who would want their money taken away from them? That is what Ned Kelly did, he took money that wasn't his and most likely stopped citizens from spending their money. This is just another reason why Ned Kelly is a villain.

Ned Kelly shot and killed three police men while on the run. Even if the police were corrupt killing three police men is still a major crime. The police that died were Sergeant Michael Kennedy, Constable Scanlan and Constable Lonigan. Ned Kelly didn't even give the police a chance, he just snuck up and shot them. Who would think a killer is a hero? He is a villain and should have never been called a "hero".   

Some people say that Ned Kelly is a role model, how can he be? All of his life he has stolen money, cattle and horses, he also killed three police men. People can say he was doing it for justice but he never dealt with his problems properly. Ned Kelly resorted to crime. How can he be a role model when he resorts to crime?  

The evidence is clear, Ned Kelly is a villain because he was a coldblooded killer and bank robber. Both of these crimes are the worst anyone can do. So why are people still calling Ned Kelly a "hero"?

Glenrowan shootout

This is the last stand of Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly tries to stop police from getting back-up to come help. Ned Kelly lets a hostage go from the hotel he is hiding at. This person tells the police where the Kelly gang is. The police surround the front of the building. Shooting goes on for a quarter of an hour. Ned Kelly gets out from the back and gets behind the police at the front of the building. This is Ned Kelly's last stand in the end he says "I am done—I am done." Ned Kelly gets taken to the police's wagon.

Ned Kelly's Perspective

Ned Kelly knows this will most likely be his last stand. The shooting went for a quarter of an hour. It stopped for a woman who was mourning for her son. When the gang start shooting again, Ned Kelly sneaks out of the building from behind. He then gets behind the police. By now the shooting had stopped again. Ned started shooting from behind the police the police fired back hitting him. Ned went down saying "I am down--- I am down." Ned got taken to the Police wagon and he knew this was it.

Police's Perspective

The police have the front of the building surrounded. They have victory in their grasp, they just have to capture Ned Kelly and his gang or kill them trying. The police start shooting and they get shot at by the Kelly gang. This shooting goes on for a quarter of an hour then stops. The police hear a woman wailing, crying for her dead son.  Then when the wailing stops the shooting starts again. The shooting stops again but when it starts, it starts again from behind them. Ned Kelly makes his last stand, the police shoot him down and Ned Kelly says " I am done--- I am done." The police take him to the police wagon and the criminal Ned Kelly is finished.

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