Brief History

this culture revolves around downhill skateboarding

Vancouver, BC Canada

This culture was discovered in 2004 by Graham Buksa. And was originated  in North Vancouver, BC Canada. Graham Buska wanted to have a culture where everyone does what they love. His passion was to skate. So, he made it a point to make it everyone else's lifestyle.

Graham Buksa


In this culture everybody must attend a school where you learn to skate. Everybody is allowed to attend a school. The classes are every other weekend. The pro riders who graduate from school will either become teachers or get sponsored by big boarding companies. The cost of schooling is only $100.  In school you will also learn how a longboard works and what kind you need. Also, what types of concave help in certain situations.

Graham Buksa & Patrick Switzer (school)


The people in this culture live preferably by really steep secluded paved roads. They live in small cities with basic necessities. And, many board shops near by. Such as EdgeBoardshop and RayneLongBoardshop . The population isn't to big, about 300 thousand. Most people live in average sized houses

average house

Creative Expression

This whole culture is all about creative expression! Activities that take place are things like slide jams, contests and races.

slide jam in ElPaso, TX
Central Mass 2013
downhill race

A very dangerous sport indeed. Crashes happen very often, some, worse than others. In every single event, a helmet is required.

You must check your safety straps before you go down a run
sanctioned events always have safety precautions such as hay bales on corners

Runs are taken in three man heats so if a fall happens not many people get affected by it.

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