Food Rules for Kick Ass Health!

Tired of being Sick, Fat, Depressed, Broke (from medical bills)? Stop whining and Take your Health into your own hands!


1. Eat 60-70% of your food raw. Eat a rainbow of colors. Eat mostly plants. Eat meat only about 3 times per week. Eat Organic!
This may seem difficult but the best way to do it is to have 2 out 3 meals mostly raw. If you eat a smoothie in the morning (fresh or frozen fruit, raw plant based protein powder, flax and chia seeds, raw nuts), that get's you a 1/3 there and then if you add lunch with either a salad, green juice or a raw food meal replacement and raw nuts, you'll get your 60% then you add as part of dinner a salad or a green juice and you are there. Buy your fruits and vegetables at your local farmer's market and invest in a Vitamix, you'll be using it every day!
Buy your raw protein powder at:
Recommended book: Green for life (Victoria Boutenko)

Note: if you have hard time digesting raw fruits and vegetables, start by steaming them and slowly progress to eating more raw

2. Know your Fats: the Great, the Good, the Ugly!
Great: raw olive oil (most supermarket brands are heated and rancid), the olive oil needs to have a date on the bottle; raw virgin coconut oil, fresh Flaxseed oil (my favorite brand is Barleans: buy fresh at your Health food store). Go to for Bariani olive oil and raw virgin coconut oil.
Recommended book: Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut (Bruce Fife)

Good: if you fry only use grapeseed oil or raw virgin coconut oil as they have a high heating point. All other oils become trans fats when heated (this is the worse for your cholesterol). Organic pasture butter, grass fed meat, raw milk cheeses: these are all good in moderation.

Ugly: hydrogenated fats, these are trans fats and present in processed food, processed meats, margarine, low quality baked goods and fried foods. Avoid at all cost it just coats your arteries with fat. This is the first thing to eliminate. This is where you need to change your habits of not going to fast food restaurants and changing supermarkets to Wholefoods Market or your local Health food store that does not sell trans fats. Also: read the labels of everything you eat!

Omega 3 Fats
Our body needs these fats but we don't make them so we need to supplement with either Flaxseed oil and/or Fish oil (supplements or wild Alaskan salmon). A German biochemist named Dr Budwig developed a special diet for cancer patients and patients with coronary diseases. The key to this diet is to mix flaxseed oil with protein (cottage cheese or yoghurt). This is what I do every morning after I eat my smoothie. I mix 4 tablespoons of goat milk yoghurt with 2 table spoons of flax seed oil. Then I take an apple and cut it in pieces and mix it up. It tastes delicious. Millions of people have followed this diet with dramatic effects on numerous conditions.
Recommended Book: The Budwig Cancer & Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet: The Revolutionary Diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig, the Woman Who Discovered Omega-3.

3. Sugars: the Good, the OK in moderation, the Super Ugly
Good: Stevia. This is a leaf and it has a super sweetening power: 1 drop is like a cube of sugar. Great to sweeten drinks. You can get it at a health food store.
OK in moderation: raw coconut sugar, maple syrup, raw cane sugar
Super Ugly: you MUST eliminate these: corn syrup (this is pretty much in every soda and processed food), diet sweeteners: aspartame, splenda, nutrasweet etc. These are all chemicals known to cause cancer in mice and they actually create metabolic syndrome. People think it's better to drink diet soda, it's as bad and there is strong correlation with type 2 diabetes. Replace soda by water, coconut water and if you have to have soda there are sodas sweetened with stevia you can find in Health food stores.

4. Education, Education, Education!
The key to understanding nutrition and sticking to it is to get educated. For kids and adults:

  • Videos: Supersize me, Food Inc, Fat sick and nearly dead, Fast food nation.
  • Books: Omnivore's dilemma, Food Rules (both from Michael Pollan), Fast Food nation (Eric Schlosser). Once you discover and understand what is behind industrial food you'll never want to eat it again.

5. Money: spend more to save a bunch later!
High quality food costs more, no question (it shouldn't but US subsidies to corn producers make it so). A good way to save costs on fruits and vegetables: become part of a CSA. For your meat: try buying directly from producers of grass fed beef. Good food leads to good health and will save health cost bills overtime. Better yet, you'll feel energized and you will have killer looks. Money can't buy that!

6. Take pleasure in Eating!
Your body should be your temple, think about giving it the highest quality food every time you take a bite. Food should be pleasurable, this is not about eating something that tastes bad it's about eating amazing quality food. High quality deserts (made with pure ingredients: butter etc) are perfectly fine - in moderation! This is not about feeling deprived this is about savoring the best food nature has to offer!

In 8 weeks you will be TRANSFORMED!!

I want to hear about your journey!


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