Harlem Renaissance


  • The Harlem Renaissance the cultural upbringing of the African-American culture. Harlem was know for cultural and visual arts of African-Americans. The Renaissance influenced the many generations of artists and writers.

Chick Webb

  • Chick Webb was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 10, 1905.
  • Brought his first set of drums with his earning as a newsboy
  • At age 17 he moved to New York City
  • Lead Band in Harlem
  • Webb learned being a drummer from Tommy Benford
  • Webb was unable to read music but instead memorized the notes played
  • 1935,  Webb hired a Ella Fitzgerald after the Apollo Theater
  • W.E.B. dead from Spine Tuberculosis, 34 years old

Triumph of Human Spirit of Jazz and Life

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois "W.E.B"

  • W.E.B. was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on February 23, 1868
  • Freely attend school of whites
  • He co-founded NAACP and supported Pan-Africanism
  • Bois was the first African American in 1895 to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard
  • Best known spokesperson for African-American rights
  • Died in Ghana in 1963
  • First Black Man To Get Ph.D in Harvard and University of Berlin
  • Quote: “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line.”
  • The Soul of Black Folk

William Johnson

William Johnson was born in Florence, South Carolina on March 18, 1901.

Early Age he copy cartoons from the newspaper

Attended the National Academy of Design in New York

Charles Webster was Johnson art mentor

Gained attention in painting curly the early 1940s

Johnson moved to Paris in 1926 to see new kinds of art creations

Johnson had challenges of being an interracial couple

Painting used bright colors and 2-D figures

Final life of 23 years face in a mental hospital  


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