Ayah Brown

Day 1

Today we programmed finches with snap. We used if, then, format. We had an obstacle course for the finches. I worked with Bridget and we programed a finch together. We tried our best to win. It was fun working with Bridget.

Ayah Brown

Day 2

Today we did squish circuits, snap circuits, and LED circuits. I worked with Julianna, Bridget, Yasmine, and Nyrel, and Josh. When we did squish circuits, Yasmine, Jawaun, Josh, and I had several ideas. But we finally agreed to make coral reef twins. Then, when we were presenting Josh decided to add a bridge and a fish to it. Then, I worked with snap circuits with Julianna, Bridget, and Nyrel. We made a symphony with LED lights and a fan on it. It looked pretty good when we were finished. Finally, we did LED circuits. I was confused at first, but I started understanding as we went through the rest of the activity.

Ayah Brown

Day 3

Day 4

Today we did stations. At the first station, we did a tutorial for breadboard and Arduino. Second station we soldering, we soldered light up makerbot pins. Third station we did makey-makey's and did piano by connecting a cord to earth, then connecting other cords to create music on the keys. At the fourth station, servo's. We used breadboards and Arduino's.

Today we tried to make a bubble machine. (Yasmine, Nyrel, Bridget, and Ayah). Yasmine and Bridget did soldering, and Nyrel and I were constructors and built the bubble machine's base and structure. Then we copied the sketch for Arduino so we could program mini propellers. None of the groups were successful, I think it was because the nobody could find a material or way that would blow the bubbles out of the wand.

Day 5

Today we made figures with LED lights. It took time to make. First, we had to decide what we were going to make. I decided to make a minecraft zombie with red LED light eyes and a yellow LED light for the moon shine. Second, I had to cut the shapes out for the zombie such as his clothes, head, arms, and feet. Next, I colored the colors on the zombie deeper. Finally, I added the LED lights to my zombie. The LED lights are VERY bright. Today we also watched videos. The videos were about wearables, which had LED lights in them. During the videos I think while we were being entertained we also leaned a bit more on circuits.

Day 6

Today we made t-shirts with puff paint. It was fun until the puff paint started to smear and make the shirts look disastrous. I put two white LED lights on the body. I am probably going to keep it and use it as an art smock in art class. I think most of us enjoyed the activity, but are more looking forward to doing their independent projects on Tuesday. I didn't like doing to t-shirts. I liked that we were finished.

BTW-I am not a big fan of my shirt. :(

Day 7

Today we made eye catchers. I made a girl with crazy hair and 4 eyeballs. Her eyeballs controlled the direction the mouse went in, a curly loop in her hair controlled the space bar, sand another curly loop controlled click. It was difficult using granite because i could not make it work with my alligator clips, but i enjoyed testing my make-makey with a game. Earlier today, we folded a paper into thirds, and drew a head. We passed our papers down for the rest of the body, and when we were done, we returned it to the original creator and saw the results.

Day 8

Today we started our independent projects. Yasmine and I tried a lot of times to program the neo-pixel strips for the baseball cap. We got the strip to flash, but we could not get it to stay forever. Towards the end of the day we got one neo-pixel to show up. We are going to keep trying tomorrow.

Day 9

Today we worked on our final projects. I got most of it done, I lit up my l.e.d's and soldered the wires to the led strips. All I have to do now is finish sewing the led strips to my hat so they won't fall off.

Day 10 final day

Tday we finished up our final projects. I had a hard time finishing towards the end. I got a bit frustrated, but i tried to solve the problems I had. I set up my table with my eye-catcher and my t-shirt and my independent project.