Spy School

By Stuart Gibbs

A spy named Alexander Hale recruited Ben.  When Ben was getting recruited he was nervous and excited at the same time. But he was warned that it was hard, Alexander said  that if he joins he can't quit till he retires, he gets killed, or gets injured .

The campus was the place Ben stayed on his spy career. The campus introduced Erica and Ben in the story. The campus said that Erica was really good and tuff. The principal of the campus is said to be dumb because he is bad at being a spy. He got caught 3 times in a row and tortured.

One day Ben was in bed and a assassin went into the room for answers from Ben. He threatened Ben that he will kill him but Ben didn't say anything. My favorite part was when Ben tried to pull jokes and get the assassin off of his back for a second.

Ben was locked in a box for punishment. But the campus did not know that there was a bomb in there with ben. My favorite part was when Erica broke in and saved Ben from the bomb, but did not find a bomb and found bomb powder instead.

When Ben was kidnapped he was tranquilized and remained unconscious. Then he woke and was in a van with other bodies. My favorite part again was when Erica beat up the two guys in the front seats and saved Ben.

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