What is Excel?

Microsoft is a spreadsheet Application developed by Microsoft Word

It uses numbered columns and lettered rows to organize data It features calculation, graphing tools ,pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.


5 Ways to use Excel in Business

Online Access

The people involved with the program can access it from almost any device at any location being that they have a reliable device to access with

This will help others to do their jobs efficiently and be able to communicate to others

Build Great Charts

Allow members to explore what is all out there and other new explorations. When you add a variety of charts it is easier for others to add meaning and make sense of the data.

Use Conditional Formatting

Excel users can format their spreadsheets using different color, shades, bolds and italics, to differentiate between columns and bring the most important data to the fore. This function could be useful when presenting accounting information


Help Identify Trends

When presenting data in the form of charts or graphs, it can be helpful to include average lines that will help specific details stand out that are important and you want others to see. This can help demonstrate key points in a specific manner.

Brings Data Together

Excel can be used to bring information from various files and documents together, so that it exists in a single location.

It is also possible to import text and images. Other objects can be used by the Insert Tab on the Ribbon

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