Baby Information

  • Nickname of element: K
  • Birth date (date element was discovered): 1807
  • Birth weight (atomic mass): 39.098
  • Birth height (atomic number) -19
  • Race (type of element/family) -Alkali Metal
  • Attending physician (Discoverer) -Sir Humphry Davy
  • Gender (state of matter at room temperature - use your periodic table) -Solid
  • Place of birth (country of discovery) -England
  • Personality (emotions: boiling point and melting point) - melting point (336.53 K `63.38°C, and 146.08°F) and boiling point (1032 K ,759°C, and 1398°F)

Ultrasound of the Element

Alkali Metal

Potassium is a soft silvery-white alkali metal.

What I want to be when I grow up?

Avocados is a good source of potassium
Vegetables and Fruits have a lot of nutrients for human life and health
We can find potassium in these food.

Potassium helps you keep your blood pressure on a healthy level. Potassium can help us with our cell, tissues, and organs. Potassium can make us feel healthy in our stomach so that means do not eat too much sugar  or diet that could make you sick.