Modern Computers

PC's are starting to look more like the one above. Now our PC's can even have fans inside of them to cool them off.

The PC's can now have more things in them like more hardware. That is what PC's are now starting to be like.

Now since computers can do so much more than the ones in the past, people have been making a lot of different computer setups that could look very nice.

Computers like these were some of the more recent computers only a few decades old. This shows how much we have improved our computers.

If you think that the computer above was old than you are wrong. What you are seeing above is actually one of the very first computers ever made.

From the images above, you can see that our accessories for a computer setup has been innovated greatly making every little detail (response time) the best it can be.

                       Uses in computers

Computers have been such a big part of our lives that we have even made certain ones for certain task such as for gaming or business work.

This is what an average business computer will look like.
This is what is being more common for an average gaming setup.

So far, these two different types of computers are the only two types in the market right now. Later in the future, its a high probability that there will be even more different computers where their specialty will be more unique than what we have now.

     How this can help us predict the future

    This information shows us how we have improved in the past. We can use that information to imagine how we can improve computers in the future. We can make our predictions from where we are in technology and what people are trying to make right now. A simple one is that computers might have voice commands in the future. That is a good prediction because our phones have voice command so its safe to assume that computers will have them soon.

    This affects the world because robots right now are mostly controlled using computers. With better computers, we could have more advance controls for robots.

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