Linda Sue Park

Linda Sue Park was born in Urbana, Illinois on March 25, 1960. She grew up outside of Chicago. She has been writing poems ever since she was four years old. The first thing she published was a haiku in a children's magazine when she was nine. She has written several books for kids, such as A Single Shard.

A Long Walk to Water was based on the childhood of a man in Sudan named Salva. In that time he had to survive starvation and hostiles. "But it did not take long for Salva to regret his haste in eating. After so many weeks of near starvation, his stomach rebelled mightily: He spent most of the night vomiting" (Park 36). The people he was travelling with also had to combat starvation. "Salva was not alone. Whenver his heaving stomach woke him, he would hurry to the edge of the camp to vomit and find others there doing the same" (Park 36). They had to search for water. "One day the group began walking the late afternoon, with hopes of reaching a water hole before settling down for the night" (Park 37)

Reading these books will either reinforce your pity for the struggling countries or change them.

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