IB Theater Journal #2


October 15, 2013

Here are some pictures from a few of the performances on Tuesday
(October 15, 2013)

Today in theater class we performed our Balinese Shadow Puppetry performances. Our class only got to perform two of the presentations on Tuesday due to timing and a lack of team members being present. Unfortunately, my group was unable to perform because Noah was not there.

The groups that performed today were outstanding! I was so incredibly impressed by the level of detail and technicality that these two groups performed at. It was so clear to see the effort that each group put in. The character and props that were used during the performances were well constructed and methodologically placed in the scene to create a well crafted plot.

The first group to perform was Michelle, Connor, and Olivia. They had a great scene that involved a husband and wife, a friendly wolf, a hungry wolf, and a forest. One important element that they didn't leave out was the moral to the story. The group also had a narrator character which a lot of other groups did not think to include.

Some things they could have improved on while performing was that the bone the husband removed from the wolfs throat could have been hidden behind the wolf more carefully. Another thing that they failed to explain in their story was that the narrator was the caterpillar. The group did not move the caterpillar through out the whole performance which made it difficult for the audience to tell that it was a prime character. The final thing that I noticed that the group could have improved on was the movement of characters. They did not make the characters involved enough in each other.

The music in the scene was minimal however it fit the scene very well. The group cleverly added a beating drum when the husband had to journey through the forest to retrieve the medicine for his wife. The group also had howling noises to represent the wolf. I thought that they had a good sense of where everything was, puppets and musical objects at all times and there were no awkward or unintentional pauses.

The second group to present their Balinese Shadow Puppetry performance was Emily T., Hannah, and Colin. This group had some very intricate set pieces. They made a castle, which came out pink when the light shined through it, a princess with hair detail, many woodland creatures like a deer and a bunny. I could tell that they put a lot of though into how the puppets would look when behind the sheet.

This group did many things well. For instance they had a great plot to portray the characters. The lighting accompanied the show perfectly because unlike the group before they changed the colors and the light intensity. The characters and props were well constructed and fit the story line very well.

Some thing that this group could have done better would be controlling the direction of the characters and being aware of which way they are facing when interacting with other characters. The group also needed to incorporate more of the characters they made into the play. From an audience perspective, the characters made the stage look cluttered. Some of the characters they made did not even get used.

Overall, this day of performance went very well. I enjoyed seeing how fabulously all the groups participated together. The performances seemed to be a cooperation rather than a singer person leading the show.

What trait(s) did you fall under in IB learner profile?

I believe that I was an inquirer because, I was curious to learn new things from this project. I was also reflective because of the careful note taking during and after the performances that I did.

Above are the videos from Tuesday October 15, 2013
First Group: Connor, Olivia, and Michelle
Second Group: Emily T., Hannah, Colin