Quartz Immersion Heater


dpstar promises the best immersion heaters in Malaysia . Quartz immersion heaters is in a single tube, three tube, and LQ sheath L-shaped heaters. Solution should be kept 2″ above the heated length at all times. Units can be ordered in different combinations such as: Complete Heater, Heater Less Guard, or each piece individually. Materials include steel, stainless steel, titanium and quartz. Teflon coated is also available as well as protective guards for some models. Single and multiple coil, loop and tube configurations are available.The inclusion of modern equipment and sophisticated technology had made our company dpstar to be much faster and efficient.As one of the leading manufacturer in Malaysia we promise you that our quartz immersion heaters is for any voltage or wattage within the limits ofmanufacturing.We are UL certified, CE certified in Malaysia as an industry professional in heaters. For more information you can visit our website at ourhome page.