President and First Lady Push a Global Program to Help Educate Girls

Article Summary: This current event article is about the Obama's working with USAID and The Peace Corps, helping bring education to girls worldwide. They want every girl to have the opportunity to grow into strong capable women with the sources needed to become as successful as they can be. The Peace Corps with nearly 7000 volunteers in over 60 developing countries are working toward the Obama's goals. USAID is providing education to more than 60 million girls. The education program will start in 11 countries the first year and expand the following.

Key Quote from the Article: "Together let's make sure that every child, no matter where they're born or what they look like or what their gender, has a chance to forge the future that they deserve, starting with an education." - Susan Rice

Action Plan: We all can become a part of the movement and can help. You can donate just $70.00 and help a girl get an education and flourish in schooling. By helping these girls gain an education, we are helping them to improve themselves, their families, homes, health, society and future.

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