My 7th Grade Year
Ben McGinnis

Top Ten Events

#10  Radio Plays

When we did the radio plays, we divided into groups and we tried to make a scary radio play.  We based our plays off of the radio play, War of the Worlds by Orson Wells.  War of the Worlds was about an alien invasion in a very small town that pretty much nobody knows about.  Many people believed that this was real.  Our goal was to make people get scared and it had to be believable.  Here is part of the radio play by Orson Wells with a series of pictures followed by my group's radio play.

#9  outsiders' Day

The first book we read as a class was The Outsiders.  At the end of the unit, the whole grade dressed up as if we were in The Outsiders.  In reading class we played games and we had a competition to see what teacher won the most games.  Mrs. Krisfalusy won the competition. The kids would either dress up as a Greaser or Socs.  I dressed up like a Soc.  

Outsiders' Day. I dressed up as a Soc. and there weren't many others that were Socs.

#8  Kenston Awards Night

After a long hard year, awards were handed out for many achievements.  I got two achievements which were perfect attendance and a GPA of 3.5 to 3.99.  I got both of these awards last year too.  The ceremony didn't take as long as I expected which was nice because I got home just in time for the Cavs game.

#7  Image is Powerful

Image is Powerful is another one of our units that we did in reading class.  We watched TED Talks and we made word clouds.  There were four different word clouds, two for boys and two for girls.  One of the word clouds for boys and girls is how they think other people view them.  The other word clouds were how the boys and girls felt about their own lives.  We also read a class novel called, Uglies.  We also did a project for the novel where we had to make two different sides of a face.  One side is "Image is Powerful" and the other side is "Image is Superficial".

These are examples of the faces

#6  Halloween

Halloween was really fun because at school I got to see everybody's costume and there were some very creative costumes.  After school I also went to my friend's house to go trick-or-treating.  All I wore was a mask, but I still had a lot of fun.

#5  Spring Break

Spring break was really fun.  I hung out with my friends and my family went out to eat for Easter.  I also got lots of candy.  My brother came home from college for the weekend because he had a few days off.  Spring bread went by fast and I was sad to go back to school.

#4  Chuzzlewit's Road of Trials

Chuzzlewit's road of trials is part of a unit that we did in class.  At the end of it, we had sort of a challenge course in the classroom with fun, but challenging games and obstacles.  There were six obstacles and my favorite one was when each student in the group had to climb through 3 cubes of different sizes and each time you went through had to be in a different style.

#3  Winter Break

Winter break was my favorite break during the school year because it was the longest and my favorite holiday, Christmas, was in the middle of winter break.  My brother got an extra two weeks of winter break and I don't know why.  I got a phone for Christmas and that was pretty much the only gift I cared about.  Yet again, I was sad to go back to school.

#2  Cavs Season

The Cavs' season this year is the best in four years because it is Lebron's first year back in Cleveland.  We also got Kevin Love in a trade so we had a big three.  Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love are our three best players.  The beginning of the year was rough and our record was 19-20, but we got through it.  We are now in the playoffs about to go to the Finals to face the Warriors.  I am assuming that is going to happen because the Cavs and the Warriors are both up 3-0 in the series and no team has ever come back from 3-0.

#1  Camp

Camp was the best week of my school life so far.  I think I got the best counselor at camp.  My favorite activity was ultimate frisbee.  I got a bunk next to a window that wouldn't close so I was freezing every night.  My friend couldn't find his luggage at camp and it ended up some of his belongings were forgotten back at the Middle School.  Later that day, he got very sick and he had to go home.  My counselor's favorite song is Fool's Gold and he kept on playing it on his phone and it got stuck in my head.  The song is below.

HELA Moments


Kahoot was a trivia game that everybody played on their own devices.  The questions would be about a book we read as a class or about what we just learned in class.  Kahoot helped us be ready for tests and quizzes.


Password was a partner game.  One partner would be facing the screen and the other would have their back to the screen and they were facing each other.  There would be different words that were important to a class novel.  The person facing the screen would try to give hints to their partner of what the word is without saying the actual word.  This game would also help the class be ready for assessments.

Tiered Question Races

When we read class novels, we would have to make different questions of different levels of difficulty that dealt with the novel.  In class, we would post the questions on little sheets of paper.  When Mr. Kowalski called a name, that person would take two questions and answer one of them and then give the other to somebody else to answer the other question.  We would try to answer as many questions as we can in a certain amount of time.


We did many fun and interesting activities and projects in science class.  One of the projects we did was very easy, but I learned a lot while doing it.  We could chose any place to go to that involved science and we just made a project out of it.  I went to Observatory Park which is all about astronomy.  I had many facts on the different planets and some stars.  We also had an easy project with Tackk that was based off of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.  Most of the tools that Tackk has was in our project.

Survival Tips

(You will Need Them)

Tip #1  No Phones in Class

No phones in class unless your teacher gives permission.  I have seen so many kids get their phone taken away by a teacher.  If you make an excuse of why you had your phone out, you will just make it worse.  It could go from getting it back at the end of class to getting it back at the end  of the day.  Also, no phones out in the hallways.  You have a better chance of getting caught if you have your phone out in the hallway so don't try.

Tip #2  Do Your Homework

Homework might seem like it doesn't affect your grade, but the points add up and it could make you get an A- instead of a B+ or if you don't do your homework your grade might drop to a B+.

Tip #3  Study

At the beginning of the year, I barely studied because I thought I knew the subject we were studying.  I could easily tell that the more I study, the better my grades on assessments.  I went from getting high B's to getting high A's.

You are Your own light, Shine Bright So Your Classmates Can See

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I like your precept

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