Twenty Fifteen.. We made it!!

2015.. It feels unrealistic that it's actually here, a whole new year. Where did 2014 go?! It seems it ended quicker than it started. But a fresh start isn't always a bad thing, I feel like this year has a lot in store for all of us.

2015 will be a lot of growing up and preparing for junior year for me. Sophomore year is a learning experience, but I know for sure next year will be crazy. So when school is done I'll spend my summer relaxing while I can before it all happens in th fall!

I think a lot of good and bad things will happen this year. I feel like the protests are far from over, and personally I don't blame them, but I feel like another incident might happen. It's sad to think about but true. But I also feel a lot of exciting surprises are on the way.

2041 will be completely different. I predict our technology will be an actual essential to living. It will be everywhere, and everyone will be lazy. We won't have to do anything ourselves. And even though it's been said a million times I truly believe that by that time they will have the flying car perfected.

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